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János Szemenyei is a Hungarian actor, singer, and composer. He is a versatile artist of the Hungarian theatre scene. He graduated in musical acting at the University of Theatre and Film Arts of Budapest. Since the college years, he has not only been working as an actor and singer but also as a composer. Between 2013 and 2015 he was the music director of Magyar Theatre (”Hungarian Theatre”). With the company Proton Theatre, János Szemenyei performs at some of the most prestigious theatre festivals of Europe. Currently, he plays leading roles in Budapest and in other Hungarian towns. He takes part in a number of theatrical productions as a composer both in Hungary and abroad, and his earlier compositions are regularly played in Hungarian theatres.

The Beginning

János Szemenyei was born on the 31st of December 1981 in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Even at a very early age, he participated in a number of storytelling and poetry recitation competitions. In those times he became familiar with theatre as a child actor. He went on to study at the drama faculty of Vörösmarty Mihály Secondary School, meanwhile continued to play in theatre productions. He became a permanent actor of a literary TV show on Duna TV. After finishing high school he spent a year at the studio of Madách Theatre, that is one of the biggest musical theatres in Hungary.

University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest

Faculty of musical acting

In the exam performances at the university, he not only took part as an actor but also as a composer. From the third year on, he participated in internships at theatres in Budapest and in other Hungarian towns. He received his diploma in 2005 and became a member of the company of Hevesi Sándor Theatre in Zalaegerszeg.

Hevesi Sándor Theatre, Zalaegerszeg


During the four seasons he spent there, he played several mostly prosaic leading roles at his home theatre and mostly musical leading roles as a guest actor in other companies and he was also invited to work in Budapest during these years. He debuted with a short feature film role. He had six premieres as a composer, he composed complete musicals as well as music for prosaic theatre performances. He contributed to the productions of institutional theatres and independent companies alike. He was also invited to write music for radio plays and a TV series.
At this time he has been called by many dub studios mainly in singing roles.



He spent two seasons at Vígszínház where he took over roles in running productions and also played in new ones. Beside his acting activity, he got more and more offers as a composer. His relationship as an actor and composer started with Proton Theatre during these years, and he performed with the theatre group at a number of prestigious theatre festivals abroad.



He plays 2-3 roles each season and composes music for performances at Katona József Theatre in Kecskemét. Central Theatre Budapest also invited him to several prosaic and musical roles. He worked abroad as an actor, composer, and conductor in the theatre productions of Kornél Mundruczó. In addition to his theatrical activity he worked for the Hungarian State Radio and he also wrote music scores for films.

Magyar Theatre

musical director

As the music director of Magyar Theatre, he orchestrated and arranged the music of several theatre productions. His name is associated with the Hungarian premiere of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods.

Classic directions


In addition to prose and musical tasks and large-scale compositions, opera invitations are gaining more and more space at the Hungarian State Opera House, the Katona József National Theater in Kecskemét, the National Theater in Győr, Coopera, and last but not least, the Danubia Orchestra. He started working again as a music director at the Hungarian Theater and as a music director in the dubbing world. The Madách Theater entrusts him with more and more leading roles. He also introduced himself as an opera director.


Petőfi Prize – 2004
For his role  „Nero”– in Nero and the Starmakers at Petőfi Theatre, Veszprém
Artisjus Prize – 2005
For his role „Nero” – in Nero and the Starmakers, in the production of Rock Theatre at Open-Air Theatre Margitsziget
ESTem Prize – 2012
The Best Actor of  the Season 2011/2012 – at Katona József Theater, Kecskemét
Brighella Prize – 2013
The Best supporting actor at Vidor Festival
For his role „Árpád” in Perfumerie at Central Theatre
Arany Kotta Prize (Golden Score Prize) – 2013
The Best Actor in a new musical production
For his role „Laborc” in Stephen the King, for his leading role in Doctor Herz
„Együtt a művészetért” Prize („Together for the Art” Prize) – 2017
The Best Actor of the Season 2016/2017 – AT KATONA JÓZSEF THEATER, KECSKEMÉT
POSZT Prize – 2018
The best supporting actor’s prize for his role “Graf Bóni” in Gypsy Princess in Kecskemét
Rural Theaters Festival Prize – 2018
The best male character formation prize for his role “Graf Bóni” in Gypsy Princess in Kecskemét.

The city’s favourite for the 2018/2019 season
where János Szemenyei was the presenter of the award
host of the award ceremony.

„Együtt a művészetért” Prize („Together for the Art” Prize) – 2020
The Best episode actor of the Season 2019/2020 – AT KATONA JÓZSEF THEATER, KECSKEMÉT

Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit – 2021

Including both dramatic and dance-comic roles,
in recognition of his versatile work as an actor

Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit – 2021

Including both dramatic and dance-comic roles,
in recognition of his versatile work as an actor